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  • Bergman's surreal masterpiece conjures startling experiences. - David Lynch The torments of creativity underlie Ingmar Bergman's otherworldly HOUR OF THE WOLF. A pointer and his wife - pitch-perfect Bergman regulars Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmonn - retreat to a desolate windswept isle . Struggling with his work and avoiding sleep because of the ghoulish images that it summons, von Sydow starts to lose grasp of reality. Or does he? Titled after the time just before down "when most babies are born and most people die," Bergman's film is a stark dreamscape with porous borders When von Sydow and Ullmann are invited to a castle on the other end of the craggy isle, they enter a nightmarish spiral Doting from the heart of the Swedish master's darkest period, HOUR OF THE WOLF is a masterpiece of surreal, spellbinding horror

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