Young Americans


  • Description
  • Like his debut film, ANALOG DAYS, Mike Ott's second feature film explores the theme of self-awakening in a small California town. Japanese brother and sister Rintoro and Atsuko ore traveling to Son Francisco when their car breaks down in the small desert community of Littlerock. Local outcast Cory shepherds them mound town, introducing them to some slacker friends who take a lecherous interest in Atsuko. As Atsuko finds herself falling in love with a boy and with the town itself, Rintoro sees the flip side and takes off to continue on his journey. Though she doesn't speak a word of English, Atsuko stays behind, determined to find her place in the American dream. With gentle wit and mounting tension, Ott captures the heartbreaking beauty of a small town, while also revealing a darker side of racial tension and homophobia that lurks just beneath its surface

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