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  • Nelu is a low-abiding citizen in his Romanian-Hungarian border lawn . He works as a supermarket security guard and spends his off hours fishing. Nelu 's reputation and respect for authority ore challenged when he runs into on illegal Turkish man, Behran. Harmless, wet and hungry, Behran awakens Nelu 's fundamental decency and Nelu takes the refugee into his home. His decision brings down the wroth of his moody wife and the local border patrol, thus Nelu begins to scheme a way to cross Behran into Hungary. With every day that posses and every attempt that foils, the bond between the two men grows despite the language barrier. Rendered in laconic wide-angle shots that capture each tiny irony of the men 's absurd plight, director Marian Crisan's MORGEN is a tragicomic meditation on the current world situation. In a story full of passport stomps, arcane customs regulations and anxiety over immigration, the film wonders if human empathy can ever loosen the implacable grip of borders.

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