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  • In 1984, Norway was stunned by the arrest of charismatic Norwegian diplomat Arne Treholt, who was convicted of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union and sent to prison for 20 years Bui Treholt wasn't a spy. He was a ninja . NORWEGIAN NINJA colorfully re-imagines Treholt as the head of a secret force of high-tech shadow warriors entrusted by King Olav to protect Norway. The Ninja Force discovers that a sinister NATO squadron created to battle the Soviet Union is actually planning to overthrow the king. Treholt and his ninjas must defeat the conspirators at all costs in order to keep Norway free . NORWEGIAN NINJA is a playful love letter to classic spy films, full of international intrigue and vintage special effects . The Wall Street Journal's J S Marcus dubbed the film "hilarious and menacing, absurd and insightful an accomplished work of genre filmmaking that authoritatively upends the cold-war spy thriller."

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