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  • In his feature film debut, writer /director Mikkel Munch-Fols delivers an examination of sexuality and desire in the lives of four lonely souls. Ingeborg feels unattractive and longs for a companion after the death of her husband. Young Jonas is so attractive that he makes a living selling himself to anyone. Anno is a young woman trying to cope after a mastectomy has left her feeling sexually undesirable. And finally there is Anders, a seemingly normal man with a perverse sexual compulsion he will do anything to overcome. Influenced by films like Todd Solondz's HAPPINESS, Munch-Fals crofts a stylish and heart-wrenching portrait of loneliness through characters who ore so emotionally complex and believable that we con feel their unhappiness on our skin. NOTHING' S ALL BAD provides a glimpse of the intense desolation of four people yearning for love and each hoping for a better tomorrow.

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