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  • In this GASLIGHT for the digital age, writer / director Alex Stockman examines the dominion communication technologies hold over our lives. PULSAR narrates the long-distance love story between Samuel in Brussels and Mireille in New York. The couple stays constantly connected through phone, text, email, Skype and IM. But Samuel's new best friend, the computer, becomes his enemy when he discovers something is very wrong with his WiFi. First another user logs into his account, next Samuel is locked out of his own system. He calls an IT guy, changes his password, cancels his credit cards, but to no avail. The evil seems to be hidden in the digital sphere - invisible, unidentifiable A brilliantly claustrophobic camera tracks Samuel's mounting paranoia as he ignores his friends and neighbors and isolates himself in his dark apartment. A thriller anyone with an Internet connection can relate to, PULSAR artfully explores human vulnerability to the frustrations of modern technology.

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