Young Americans


  • Description
  • In a spore room of on abandoned home tucked away in a low-class, rural suburb of Baltimore, Cory overdosed on heroin The people we meet in the film ore the people who knew him, some better than others. As the funeral creeps up, those who were port of his time on earth go about their doily rituals, ruminating on the recent death and coping in whatever ways ore most meaningful to them. Little by little, the facts of the deceosed's life con be pieced together through off-hand remarks, fragments of stories and half-remembered descriptions Gently observing the weight and anguish that lies within, Mott Porterfield's sharply focused camera glides calmly through the community, accompanied by a consoling, off-camera narrator who questions each character so naturally that fiction and reality become utterly indistinguishable For his second feature, Porterfield makes remarkable use of innovative storytelling techniques to achieve an emotional clarity that resonates with deeply felt authenticity.

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