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  • From the screams of ingénues to the splitting of skulls, a cacophony of tones echoes through the hallways of BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO, showcasing the work of a quiet Englishman with an unquiet mind. Having accepted a job as sound designer on an Italian horror film, he quickly finds himself conscripted without pay by an absentee director and a tyrannical producer. Drawn in equal parts from the works of Argento and the Coen brothers, this ‘70s-set film from British director Peter Strickland trumpets a base note of existential horror while keening a treble trill of dry, cross-cultural wit. With its period-rich art direction and haunting soundtrack, the film draws us into the lurid world of the giallo (Italian pulp fiction), while building exquisite moments of tension from the most mundane moments of film production until we, too, are lost in the mix, our hearts pounding at the sound of footsteps drawing closer in the dark. —Dayan Ballweg

  • Born in 1973 to a Greek mother and British father, Peter Strickland grew up in Reading, Berkshire in the UK. His first feature film KATALIN VARGA screened at the Berlin Film Festival and won a Silver Bear as well as the European Film Academy's Discovery of the Year award in 2009. His sophomore feature film BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO premiered at the 2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

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