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  • Divorced father Marius will finally be allowed to take his five-year-old daughter Sofia on a much anticipated weekend vacation to the beach. He takes time off from school, borrows his parents' car and even buys little Sofia a stuffed octopus. Impatient to leave, Marius is told by Sofia's grandmother that his daughter is not free to go until her mother, Marius' ex-wife Otilia, returns from the salon. When Otilia walks through the door, the film veers sharply, quickly reaching a point of no return. Losing control of his emotions and the situation, Marius' anger escalates with horrifying consequences. Disguised as a family drama, EVERYBODY IN OUR FAMILY is a suspenseful exploration of a father being pushed to his limits when his child is kept from him. Shot in real time and set mostly in one location, Radu Jude's third feature film is a dangerous, claustrophobic tale that sets the bar high for contemporary Romanian cinema. —Dilcia Barrera

  • Radu Jude was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1977. In 2003, he completed a film degree at the Bucharest Media University. He worked as an assistant director both during and after his studies. Jude has directed over 100 commercials in addition to
    several shorts and two feature films. EVERYBODY IN OUR FAMILY premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.

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