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  • North of Los Angeles stands the city of Santa Clarita, where once-affluent neighborhoods now buckle under the strain of economic recession. Inside one of the town’s vacant houses, teenagers Garrison Saenz and Kevin Conway build a skateboard ramp in an empty room. The two best friends — punkish and no strangers to rowdy behavior — are as devoted to preaching the Gospel as they are to the half-pipe. Add to the mix Garrison’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Skye, a whip-smart, devout Christian facing a devastating foreclosure on her home; and Kristen, Garrison’s liberal-thinking, hip-hop dancing possible new paramour and you’ve got enough teen love, happiness and heartache to fill a deeply affecting screenplay. But ONLY THE YOUNG is a work of nonfiction — a simple portrait of youth in America that reaches dizzying emotional heights thanks to dazzling cinematography, beautifully rhythmic editing and the intelligence and vision of directors Jason Tippet and Elizabeth Mims. —Mike Dougherty

    Audience Award, Young Americans Winner

  • Jason Tippet graduated from California Institute of the Arts where he directed THOMPSON, his first short documentary and winner of the Jury Award at SXSW 2009. ONLY THE YOUNG is his first feature film.

    Elizabeth Mims grew up in Austin, Texas, and graduated from Cal Arts in 2010. She produced THOMPSON and also directed a short, WEATHERED, that appeared at SXSW.

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