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  • THE INTERNATIONAL SIGN FOR CHOKING is an innovative, multi-layered film that follows Josh, a commissioned filmmaker in Argentina, in search of so much more than a video subject. He rents a room in a familiar boarding house and quickly sets up his equipment to work. Although the pressure is high from his funders, Josh finds himself lethargic and unable to produce. He further distracts himself from his purpose when he begins an affair with his housemate, Anna (Sophia Takal, GREEN, AFI FEST 2011). Director of Photography Nandan Rao's cinematic artistry beautifully captures clandestine Argentina as Josh wanders aimlessly through sun-soaked streets and his wallpapered home. Challenging the romanticized stereotypes of travel films, Zach Weintraub's semi-autobiographical film explores the disappointments of an unsatisfied man who is unable to find or even define his objective. —Dilcia Barrera

    Preceded by the short: ELEPHANT FEET (DIRECTOR – Dan Geesin | 14 MIN)

  • Zach Weintraub studied film at New York University before moving back to his hometown of Olympia, Washington, where he wrote and directed BUMMER SUMMER, his micro-budget directorial debut. Weintraub co-founded Newhard Entertainment alongside frequent collaborator Nandan Rao. He wrote and directed his second film THE INTERNATIONAL SIGN FOR CHOKING in Argentina.
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