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  • The Cold War plays out just as intensely on the ice rink as it does in the realm of international politics in this lively, stirring documentary delving into the fascinating history of the Soviet Union’s Red Army hockey team – the most successful dynasty in all of sports history. This tantalizing and troubling tale is told primarily through the eyes of its vibrant star player, Viacheslav “Slava” Festisov. Now a serious politician, his exasperation and disinterest toward director Gabe Polsky provide an entertaining counterpoint to the cruelty and emotional abuse he experienced at the hands of his coach and country. His journey from charismatic, youthful player with extraordinary talents to becoming an international sensation and eventually a defector is told with passion and energy, unearthing a story of great entertainment and moral complexity. —Landon Zakheim

    In attendance: Gabe Polsky

  • Born in Chicago, Gabe Polsky has produced films including Werner Herzog’s BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL – NEW ORLEANS and Elgin James’ LITTLE BIRDS. He and his brother, Alan Polsky, directed and produced the feature THE MOTEL LIFE in 2012. RED ARMY is his directorial feature documentary debut. 

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