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THE 33

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  • Patricia Riggen's THE 33 tells the harrowing true story of the Copiapó mining accident in 2010, when a group of Chilean miners spent 69 days trapped underground. Despite the low pay and unsafe working conditions, there are few options other than mining available to the rural Chilean working class. When the mine shows signs of instability, warnings go unheeded and a horrible accident ensues. A star–studded cast including Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche and Gabriel Byrne brings to life the desperate struggle of these 33 men who bravely stuck by one another and the resourcefulness of the international teams above ground who worked to save them all. A touching and visually stunning drama, THE 33 will leave you breathless.

  • Patricia Riggen, one of the few Latin American female directors working in Hollywood, is originally from Mexico, where she started her career as a screenwriter, producer and film executive. Her feature films are UNDER THE SAME MOON; GIRL IN PROGRESS; LEMONADE MOUTH; and this year’s THE 33. She is currently directing the feature MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN.

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