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  • Celebrated filmmaker Radu Jude returns to AFI FEST with a refreshingly crisp historical fiction, delving deep into the past to produce a Romanian Western teeming with life and bursting with cynical satire. Based on historical documents and traditional folklore, Jude's odyssey through the landscape of feudal Eastern Europe concerns an easygoing gendarme who, with his philosophical son, is sent to find a gypsy who has been accused of an affair with the wife of his nobleman master. Their journey leads them through a variety of odd encounters with townsfolk holding conflicting points of view. Jude's characters possess absurd comic timing and exude vitality, urgency and humanity. The clever charm of AFERIM! rests in the way it vigorously relishes vulgarity. The result is at once hilarious and painful, brilliantly exposing dangerous prejudices that permeate to this day. — Landon Zakheim

  • Radu Jude graduated with a degree in film from Media University of Bucharest in 2003. His debut feature, THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, screened at more than 50 film festivals worldwide and won awards at Sundance and the Berlin International Film Festival. His third feature, AFERIM!, premiered in competition at Berlin, where it shared the Best Director prize.

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