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    Beginning in 1965 with the classic FISTS IN THE POCKET, Marco Bellocchio has never wavered in his allegiance to politics and uncomfortable sexuality in his 50 years of filmmaking. BLOOD OF MY BLOOD incorporates his enduring obsessions into a dual narrative of lust in a convent in the 17th century and the contemporary story of a bizarre count who now lives within those walls. What unites the two storylines is thematic: The walls of power never stop trying to entomb their secrets, but time will always force those secrets into the light. Bellocchio features up–and–coming star Alba Rohrwacher, seen in two other AFI FEST selections this year (TALE OF TALES; SWORN VIRGIN), in a delightful supporting role as one of two redheaded sisters who are as pious as they are passionate. — Gillian Horvat

  • Born in Piacenza, Italy, Marco Bellocchio made his feature debut in 1965 with FISTS IN THE POCKET. Subsequent features include IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, HENRY IV, MY MOTHER’S SMILE, VINCERE, DORMANT BEAUTY and this year’s BLOOD OF MY BLOOD, which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

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