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  • Khalik Allah's FIELD NIGGAS is a stylized documentary chronicling summer nights spent at the intersection of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in Harlem. Portraiture is woven together with non–sync audio conversations with the neighborhood's most oppressed and exhausted inhabitants, giving us a deeper sense of their dreams, regrets, opinions, arguments and observations. Allah uses his camera to shine a spotlight on subjects who are often ignored, challenging the audience's perception of who these people are. Borrowing its title from Malcolm X's lecture "Message to the Grassroots," the film was shot in July 2014; the death of Eric Garner occurred midproduction. FIELD NIGGAS serves as a passionate call to rise above our social constructs and view one another simply as human beings. — Jenn Murphy

    Preceding short: BUS NUT.

  • Khalik Allah, born in 1985, is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer. His work has been described as visceral, hauntingly beautiful, penetrative and profoundly personal. Photography and filmmaking form a Venn diagram in Allah’s mind; the area of overlap is the space he inhabits as an artist.

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