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  • Three misfits with unusual obsessions form an awkward friendship in this character study by Alison Bagnall (THE DISH & THE SPOON, AFI FEST 2011). Gene, depressed by his ever–dwindling relationship with his ex–wife, works as a childhood–obesity activist going door to door. During one of his house calls he meets Titty, a breast–fixated reclusive rich kid, who lives in an empty mansion and pretends to be an owl. He's nursing an obsession with Ginger, who films web videos wearing wigs, sometimes with animals, including her bunny. Ginger is, in turn, obsessed with a radical Internet activist, who gets them all involved in a plot to release animals from a breeding farm. As this strange friendship triangle grows, it slowly reveals secrets about Gene, Titty and Ginger's past relationships and fears that have stopped them from truly connecting with others — until now. — April Wright

    Preceding short: BAD AT DANCING.

  • Alison Bagnall burst onto the indie film scene with BUFFALO ’66, which she co-wrote with Vincent Gallo. Her directorial debut was the refreshingly off-kilter one-way love story PIGGIE. In recent years, Bagnall directed THE DISH & THE SPOON (AFI FEST 2011), a New York Times Critics' Pick starring Greta Gerwig and Olly Alexander. 

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