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  • For one week in 1962, two titans of cinema met in person for the first time. Shining star of the French New Wave François Truffaut conducted a series of exhaustive interviews with his idol, Alfred Hitchcock. Spanning Hitchcock's entire career, film by film, with painstaking detail, Truffaut sought to understand the very core of the directorial process of the master of suspense. The results of their session were published in 1966 and have since become an essential filmmaking resource and primer for some of today's most revered directors. Celebrated film critic, historian and programmer Kent Jones lovingly brings the spirit of the book to life with thoughtful devotion and finesse, compiling rare footage and audio of the legendary encounter interwoven with insights from some of today's luminaries in the field. HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT proves a worthy successor to the classic tome and mandatory viewing for lovers of film. — Landon Zakheim

  • Film critic and longtime deputy editor of Film Comment magazine Kent Jones has been director of programming at the New York Film Festival since 2012. He has directed the feature documentaries A LETTER TO ELIA; VAL LEWTON: THE MAN IN THE SHADOWS (AFI FEST 2007); and HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT, which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

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