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    A stark black–and–white vision of anarchy, Benjamín Naishtat's EL MOVIMIENTO follows various groups of armed men who drift aimlessly across a war–scarred landscape. They claim to be working for "The Movement." This vague, Kafkaesque stance allows the gangs to take what they want and kill anyone who stands in their way. But power corrupts, and a leaderless thirst for revolution among the men begins to dismantle the operation from the inside. EL MOVIMIENTO is fueled by a powerful lead performance from Pablo Cedrón as Señor, an educated man who seeks peace through blood. — Lane Kneedler

    Preceding short: YOLO.

  • Benjamín Naishtat was born in 1986 in Buenos Aires and graduated from film school there in 2008. For the next couple of years he took part in Le Fresnoy ‑ Studio National des Arts Contemporains' program at Tourcoing, France. He has made a variety of commissioned short films in Argentina and Cameroon. His first feature was HISTORY OF FEAR, which premiered at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival.

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