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  • SAM follows the journey of young, handsome New York City playboy Sam Wellman — a man's man and professional womanhater — and his relationship with Doc, his best and only friend. One strange, drunken night, Sam stumbles into an Old Curiosity Shop, where the elderly proprietor offers him tea along with sage advice on treasuring "the female of the species." Sam awakens the next morning to find himself transformed into a woman. Sam — now Samantha — is suddenly in a bizarre new world where she's the object of her lascivious boss' unwanted affections and is forced to take "girl lessons" under the strict tutelage of a persnickety fashion coach. Meanwhile, her friendship with Doc deepens to the point where sparks come dangerously close to flying. Can Samantha and Doc remain friends? Or will the growing chemistry between them end up destroying one of the great bromances of all time?

    Preceding short: THE PETER CASSIDY PROJECT.

  • Nicholas Brooks worked for 25 years as a story editor for his father Mel Brooks’ production company, Brooksfilms, where he learned to love the art, craft and business of making movies. He then co-wrote SAM with John Gallagher and, after a roller-coaster development journey, completed the film. It is Brooks’ directorial debut.


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