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    Tobias Lindholm's third film examines the moral complexities of split–second decision–making in battle and the ramifications of those choices. Claus Pedersen is a company commander stationed in Afghanistan. At home, his wife is caring for their three children and trying to keep things on track. During a routine mission, the soldiers come under heavy fire, and Claus must make an impossible decision to save his men. This decision will bring grave consequences to Claus and his family. Writer/director Lindholm has a keen eye for stories that occupy both action and drama genres, and here explores the notion that all decisions have unintended consequences. Reteaming with Pilou Asbæk (A HIJACKING, AFI FEST 2012) and assembling a supporting cast that includes Danish soldiers and Taliban warriors, Lindholm and his cast inject the film with a physical and moral realism that transcends the trappings of a typical war film. — Jenn Murphy

  • Tobias Lindholm's name has appeared on many of the most prominent Danish movie and TV productions. He wrote and directed A HIJACKING (AFI FEST 2012), which received five Robert Festival Awards, the Danish equivalent to the Academy Awards®. He also has received great acclaim for his screenwriting work with Thomas Vinterberg.

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