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  • Boris, a proud man of wealth and achievement, is forced to take leave from his work when his wife Beatrice, a minister in the Canadian government, falls ill. At their country home, Beatrice is cared for by a young nurse and in the throes of a melancholic breakdown, unable to speak in a near catatonic state. Boris is eager to help his wife but dismissive of psychiatric care. He nonetheless continues his sexual affair with an employee, and keeps up his demanding, arrogant demeanor with all those in his life, from a random shop clerk and the city council to his own daughter. When a mysterious letter from an unnamed man summons him to the local quarry late one night, he starts to question exactly what kind of man he is. Internationally acclaimed director Denis Côté returns to AFI FEST with this existential, satirical thriller that explores the limits of power and accomplishment in the face of loss. — Sudeep Sharma

  • Born in the Canadian province of New Brunswick in 1973 and now living in Montreal, Denis Côté is a former film critic and maker of experimental short films. His first feature DRIFTING STATES (2005) launched a career that has included the film noir ALL THAT SHE WANTS (2008), the widely acclaimed CURLING (2010) and VIC + FLO SAW A BEAR (AFI FEST 2013).

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