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  • British comedy actress Alice Lowe makes her feature directorial debut with this pitch-black comedic tale of a pregnant woman whose fetus has a lust for killing. Seven months pregnant, Ruth receives murderous instructions from her misanthropic unborn baby, who has a vendetta against society for leaving her fatherless. Coached by the fetus, Ruth lures in unsuspecting victims by using her pregnancy as a cloak of innocence. Who would suspect a mother-to-be of homicide? Commanding a supporting cast of fantastic British actors, Lowe, a triple threat here in the roles of director, writer and actor, shines as Ruth. Lowe even lent some real life inspiration to the part, as she herself was pregnant during the film's shoot. PREVENGE is a macabre comedy and entertaining revenge film that could have only come from the hormone-influenced mind of a pregnant woman. — Jenn Murphy

    Preceeded by BLOODY BARBARA.

  • Born in England in 1977, Alice Lowe is best known as an actress in films such as HOT FUZZ (2007) and LOCKE (2013), and in Ben Wheatley's SIGHTSEERS (2012), which Lowe co-wrote. She directed the short film SOLITUDO (2014). PREVENGE, her feature directorial debut, world-premiered at the 2016 Venice Film Festival.

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