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  • Sarah Adina Smith's sophomore feature is the story of Jonah, a man who has been split in two by grief — one who lives in the woods and another who is trapped at sea — with each incarnation looking for a reckoning with God. Actor Rami Malek delivers an exceptional performance, playing fractured parts of the same man and imbuing each persona with a wholly different performance. Kate Lyn Sheil and DJ Qualls round out the cast, as Jonah's sensitive wife and a drifter who contributes to Jonah's downward spiral, respectively. Director/writer Smith expertly crafts a darkly humorous and touching film that explores the nuances of the human condition with elements of conspiracy theory and quantum entanglement. BUSTER'S MAL HEART is a visceral, mind-bending mystery that will keep you pondering long after it turns your world upside down. — Jenn Murphy

  • Before BUSTER’S MAL HEART, Sarah Adina Smith wrote and directed THE MIDNIGHT SWIM, which won the Breakthrough Award at AFI FEST 2014. She also wrote and directed the award-winning short THE SIRENS (2009), and co-wrote and produced GOODBYE WORLD (2013).

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