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    In her first feature film, director Maud Alpi paints an excruciatingly intimate and beautifully disturbing portrait of a young nameless worker who earns a temporary living by ushering countless livestock to a gruesome and untimely death for the sole purpose of human consumption. While this job is clearly a means to justify a financial end, as time goes on he becomes increasingly conflicted by his moral objection to the inhumane method of slaughter and the depths to which he has sunk to earn a paycheck — an inner conflict that is elevated by the tender connection between his faithful dog Bobo and the four-legged creatures on the chopping block. With gorgeously crafted and brutally organic imagery, STILL LIFE serves as a visual testament to quality over quantity. — Yvonne Williams

  • Director and screenwriter Maud Alpi's short films include LE FILS DE LA SORCIÉRE (2003), LUCAS SUR TERRE (2007), NICE (2008), RUNNING (2011) and DRAKKAR (2015). STILL LIFE, her first feature film, premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival.

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