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  • Scratching out a modest living waiting tables while pursuing her dream of being a renowned torch singer, Marina (trans actress Daniela Vega, in an astonishing debut performance) finds peace and stability in her relationship with factory owner Orlando. But when an aneurysm unexpectedly takes Orlando’s life and suspicion falls on Marina, she finds her grief stunted by cruelties hurled by both officialdom and family alike, stoking in her a quietly fierce and undeterred resolve to see through the mourning of a lost love, and to write her own story in a world that will forever regard her as an outsider. Director/writer Sebastián Lelio’s engrossing tale sidesteps a didactic narrative for an experience far more challenging, surprising and rich. – Cedar Sherbert

  • Sebastián Lelio was born in Santiago, Chile. He has directed the films LA SAGRADA FAMILIA (2005), NAVIDAD (2009) and EL AÑO DEL TIGRE (2011). His fourth feature GLORIA (AFI FEST 2013) was Chile's foreign Oscar® entry.

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