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  • A former university professor now living as a goldfish farmer in a Northern Iranian village, Reza quietly tends to his own affairs alongside his wife Hadis, a principal at a local girls’ school, and their young son. After his river-sourced water supply is cut off, Reza’s goldfish begin dying. His attempt to reopen his sluice is met with a violent attack by thuggish local Abbas, a strongman for a shadowy organization known as simply “the company.” Reza refuses to compensate Abbas for a fake injury, or bribe his way out of mounting legal problems, but he quickly discovers the steep price to be paid for holding on to principles in a system where money trumps morality. This is the powerful new film from director/writer Mohammad Rasoulof. – Cedar Sherbert

  • Arrested in Iran in 2010 with filmmaker Jafar Panahi, Mohammad Rasoulof received a prison sentence and a 20-year ban on filmmaking, though is currently out on bail. His internationally acclaimed works include IRON ISLAND (2005), THE WHITE MEADOWS (2009), GOODBYE (2011) and MANUSCRIPTS DON'T BURN, which played AFI FEST 2013.

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