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  • Québécois director Denis Côté, who so deftly travels between documentary and narrative filmmaking, is one of the most powerful voices emerging from the contemporary Canadian film scene. His latest film, focusing on a group of French Canadian bodybuilders, follows the men as they go about their days, cavorting and even encountering tragedies, all while being gently guided by a semi-improvised script. These ultra-masculine men tend to their bodies as temples, with constant tanning and liberal application of body lotion. With sparse dialogue and a meticulously framed point of view, A SKIN SO SOFT is another fantastic work from Côté, as he excavates and probes modern masculinity with a scalpel-sharp eye. – Lane Kneedler

  • Born in the Canadian province of New Brunswick and now based in Montreal, Denis Côté is a former film critic and director of experimental short films. His credits include DRIFTING STATES (2005), ALL THAT SHE WANTS (2008), CURLING (2010), VIC + FLO SAW A BEAR (AFI FEST 2013) and BORIS WITHOUT BEATRICE (AFI FEST 2016).

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