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  • This classic romantic comedy pairs Robert Redford and Jane Fonda as a young married couple with absolutely nothing in common. Paul (Redford), a conservative young lawyer, has his hands full with his free-spirited young wife Corie (Fonda), who is determined to transform their tiny, fifth-floor walk-up dump of a studio into a Bohemian paradise. Following a disastrous double date with his mother-in-law and their flirtatious neighbor, Paul’s uptight perspective on life sparks a blow-up between the two, forcing them to consider divorce. But when Paul suddenly goes on a drinking binge, leaving him wandering barefoot in the park to prove his newfound spontaneity to his wife, their roles reverse and Corie becomes the voice of reason, temporarily saving their marriage. – Yvonne Williams

  • Gene Saks (1921-2015) was an American actor and director born in New York City. He began his career as a stage and television actor. BAREFOOT IN THE PARK was his directorial debut. His later credits include THE ODD COUPLE (1968), CACTUS FLOWER (1969) and BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS (1986).

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