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  • Clara is a quiet nurse with a thin résumé from the outskirts of São Paulo. When she’s hired by high-class and seemingly sheltered Ana to be a nanny for her unborn child, the two develop a surprising relationship. Ana’s increasingly strange behavior, including an intense hunger for meat, leads to a fateful night that changes Clara’s life forever. The genre-bending twists and pleasures of Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra’s latest feature are better experienced than told. With a classic Hollywood look and a fantastical story, GOOD MANNERS is grounded in the real world of great divides and inequality where people are still capable of love, sacrifice and compassion. – Sudeep Sharma

  • Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra graduated in Cinema from the University of São Paulo. Their collaborations include THE WHITE SHEET (2005), A STEM (2007) and HARD LABOR (2011). Rojas directed the horror musical NECROPOLIS SYMPHONY (2014), and Dutra’s subsequent works include WHEN I WAS ALIVE (2014) and THE SILENCE OF THE SKY (2016).

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