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  • Banned by the Chinese government from screening at the world’s most prestigious animation festival in Annecy, France, HAVE A NICE DAY is a morbid, hilarious noir that cuts deep into the greed fueling the Chinese economic miracle. Security guard Xiao Zhang steals a bag of money from a gangster to pay for a trip to South Korea that will fix his fiancée’s botched plastic surgery, precipitating a scramble over the loot that has bloody consequences for a lot of people. Director Liu Jian’s dilapidated industrial backgrounds and eccentric character design support the sharp dialogue with evocative visuals, and it will take all of your self-control not to get up and dance to the Shanghai Restoration Project’s synth-pop score. Just try to resist the social-realist karaoke video. – Gillian Horvat

  • Liu Jian studied Chinese landscape painting at the Nanjing University of the Arts. In 2007, he established the Le-joy Animation Studio. His feature animation debut PIERCING I (2010) premiered at the Holland Animation Film Festival and garnered numerous awards across Asia and Europe. HAVE A NICE DAY is his second feature.

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