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    Arriving on Canada’s 150th anniversary, HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS is a poetic tapestry of stories across time, all stemming from an excavation dig in Montreal following a deadly sinkhole during a college football game. Historian and Mohawk Baptiste Asigny (Canadian rapper Samian) tells a rapt audience that the McGill campus is the long-elusive site of Hochelaga, an ancient Iroquois village. Skillfully mixing scenes from different centuries, including the aftermath of a bloody Iroquois battle; a white trapper whose romance with a Native woman is torn apart by plague; and a wealthy widow hiding fugitive soldiers during the American Revolution; François Girard’s vision pays testimony to the lives lived in Montreal’s past and present, and to those whose lives were forever changed by the coming of intruders. – Beth Hanna

  • François Girard was born in Saint-Félicien, Quebec. His feature films include THIRTY TWO SHORT FILMS ABOUT GLENN GOULD (1993), THE RED VIOLIN (1998), SILK (2007) and BOYCHOIR (2014). He has also staged operas and cirques at venues worldwide. HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS is his most recent work.

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