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    Milla and her boyfriend Leo are teens living on the fringes in a grey town on the English Channel. They’ve started a damp but cozy home in an abandoned house, and even though times are hard and work opportunities nil, the two are happy, their offbeat personalities harmonious. When Leo takes a job on a fishing boat and Milla becomes pregnant, the two become swept away in a tide of upheaval, and everything changes suddenly. Directed with observational care by Valerie Massadian and resonating with a quiet grace, MILLA is the work of a striking new voice in French cinema. – Beth Hanna

  • Valerie Massadian is a Franco-Armenian photographer and filmmaker whose work concentrates on women and the ways in which they relate to the world. Nurtured by relationships built over time with each protagonist, her films reconstruct the boundaries of fiction. Her feature debut NANA premiered at the 2011 Locarno Film Festival. MILLA is her second feature.

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    Valerie Massadian
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