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  • Mr. Long is a Taiwanese hitman so stealthy he can bring down a roomful of opponents using just a six-inch blade. But when an assignment in Tokyo goes sideways, leaving Mr. Long injured and in need of a quick escape, he hides out in a rundown part of the city. Amid the atrophied shanties, Mr. Long befriends a young boy and his mother, a former prostitute and drug addict. So begins a moving relationship that will change the heart of this hardened assassin. An audacious alchemy of badass crime thriller, poignant melodrama and sly comedy, and featuring a hypnotic and near-wordless performance from Taiwanese star Chang Chen, MR. LONG is a work of deft genre filmmaking with a deep soul. – Beth Hanna

  • Born in 1964 in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, SABU began his career as an actor. He began writing screenplays in 1995, making his directorial debut the following year with NON-STOP (1996). His early credits include POSTMAN BLUES (1997), UNLUCKY MONKEY (1998) and MONDAY (2000). BLESSING BELL (2002) and DEAD RUN (2005) played AFI FEST.

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