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  • Set in the 1940s, the story of MUDBOUND begins when a beautiful young bride must move from the big city of Memphis to a dusty, small Southern town in the Mississippi Delta, where every family’s fate is tied to the land they farm, and a strict racial divide permeates every aspect of life. Boundaries are tested when two young men from families on each side of the divide — one black and the other white — return home from WWII to a backward Southern town where life has stood still. Yet the two men form a friendship, and it unsettles and upends everything. MUDBOUND is an epic adaptation in which all formal elements come together in service of the story. Dee Rees’ brilliant direction deepens our understanding of the interconnected, epic and complex narratives of American history.

  • Born in Nashville, TN, Dee Rees is an alumna of New York University's graduate film program and the Sundance Screenwriting and Directing labs. She directed the short films ORANGE BOW (2005) and COLONIAL GODS (2009) before making her feature debut PARIAH (2011).

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