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  • In a jungle in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, 76 villagers who have never before voted in their country’s democratic elections receive a visit from Newton (rising Indian star Rajkummar Rao), the idealistic, officious election monitor determined to make their voices heard. Flanked by a troop of military escorts, Newton naïvely believes he can run the election in a clean and orderly fashion. However, the villagers have no motivation to vote — they’ve never heard of the candidates, and their participation could provoke a dangerous response from the Maoist guerrillas lurking in the region. Director Amit V Masurkar admirably grapples with the complexities and contradictions inherent in this democracy, blending humor and humanism with the aid of a uniformly excellent ensemble cast. – Mike Dougherty

  • Amit V Masurkar was born in Bagalkot, India, and now lives in Mumbai. He began his career as an assistant director before writing screenplays for sketch comedy and Bollywood films. His directorial debut, SULEMANI KEEDA (2014), opened at the Zurich Film Festival. NEWTON is his second feature film.

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