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  • Julia Murat’s debut feature follows an unnamed young couple, a sculptor and a dancer. They have just moved into a massive loft, with a ceremonial ribbon of tape laid down the center to mark where the sculptures will be displayed and the dances performed. Gradually the young artists’ works bleed together and inspire one another, moving the rhythm of the loft back and forth like a body rocking in a chair. PENDULAR is a standout discovery from this year’s Berlin International Film Festival that announces the arrival of a powerful new cinematic voice. With intense sexual imagery and unforgettable original art pieces, the film is an incredible collaboration that melds sculpture, dance and film in perfect balance. – Lane Kneedler

  • Born in Rio de Janeiro, Julia Murat graduated from the Rio de Janeiro Federal University in graphic design and from the Darcy Ribeiro Film School as a screenwriter. DIA DOS PAIS, her documentary feature debut, premiered at Cinéma du Réel in 2008. STORIES ONLY EXIST WHEN REMEMBERED, her feature narrative debut, premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in 2011. PENDULAR is her second feature film.

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