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  • Keith is out on probation and living in his father’s house in a working-class Baltimore neighborhood. He’s resolved to set his life right, but old ties from the past keep pulling him dangerously back toward an existence of hustling and crime. As Keith navigates a tense living arrangement with his dad (played by Jim Belushi), a fraught relationship with his ex (and, poignantly, the dog he lost after the breakup), and an escalating situation with local drug dealers, he realizes that a year in prison hasn’t tempered his problems on the outside. Directed with authenticy by Matt Porterfield, SOLLERS POINT is a moving portrait of one young man’s frustrated attempts to rise above his obstacles, and his angry lashing-out at a world that seems indifferent to his success or failure. – Beth Hanna

  • Matt Porterfield is the director/writer of HAMILTON (2006), PUTTY HILL (AFI FEST 2010), I USED TO BE DARKER (2013) and SOLLERS POINT. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Harvard Film Archive, and has screened at film festivals worldwide.

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