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  • There are bad movies, there are really bad movies and then there’s THE ROOM. Directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau, the film was shot in Los Angeles and aggressively marketed around the city. Wiseau’s unusual visage peered out from massive billboards with little to no explanation. Since then, the film has achieved cult status as the worst movie ever made — and become a legend in Hollywood circles. James Franco takes on the daunting dual task of not only directing the behind-the-scenes story of this masterpiece of trash cinema, but also brilliantly transforms himself into the enigmatic and seemingly inimitable Wiseau. With killer cameos and meticulous reconstruction, THE DISASTER ARTIST is a cinematic time capsule that must be seen to be believed.

  • James Franco is a writer, director and actor from Palo Alto, CA. His extensive acting credits include AFI FEST selections SONNY (2002), THE COMPANY (2003) and QUEEN OF THE DESERT (2015). His directorial credits include INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. (2013), AS I LAY DYING (2013), IN DUBIOUS BATTLE (2016) and THE DISASTER ARTIST.

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