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  • On a day like any other in downtown Beirut, unassuming construction foreman Yasser, a Palestinian refugee, approaches Christian nationalist Tony, seeking permission to fix a broken drainage pipe outside Tony’s apartment. Hotheaded and always ready for a fight, father-to-be Tony’s short fuse quickly turns what should have been a simple conversation into a war of words, soon escalating into increasingly violent exchanges between the battle-hardened men. But when a reconciliation attempt between the two turns ugly, leading to a courtroom showdown, Tony and Yasser’s small-time dispute spirals out of control. This engrossing and unforgettable tale of modern life in the Middle East is a razor-sharp look at a country’s long-simmering resentments toward Palestinian refugees, and its traumatized civil war wounds. – Cedar Sherbert

  • Ziad Doueiri began his career working with Quentin Tarantino as a camera assistant on several films including RESERVOIR DOGS (1992) and PULP FICTION (1994). In 1998, Doueiri directed his first feature, WEST BEIRUT, which was awarded the François Chalais Award at the 1998 Cannes Directors' Fortnight. Doueiri's other credits include LILA SAYS (2004) and THE ATTACK (2012).

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