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  • A gripping psychological thriller, THELMA follows a unique young woman with two overprotective, devoutly Christian parents. As Thelma begins her journey to leave home, her parents become alarmingly nervous. More than empty nest syndrome, they’re experiencing genuine fear for mysterious reasons. Deploying modern horror’s signature tropes while also twisting them anew, the latest work from Joachim Trier features a star performance from Eili Harboe, and is an entertaining, mind-bending allegory about agency, power, gender and sexuality. – Lane Kneedler

  • Born in Copenhagen and raised in Oslo, Joaquim Trier is an internationally celebrated director and screenwriter.  His credits include: REPRISE (2006), OSLO, AUGUST 31ST (AFI FEST 2011) and LOUDER THAN BOMBS (2015), his first English-language film.

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