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    Sixteen-year-old Nisha lives a double life — the perfect Pakistani daughter to her strict parents, and a normal Norwegian teenager with her friends at school. One night when her father catches her and her boyfriend in her bedroom, Nisha’s two worlds brutally collide. Iram Haq’s sophomore feature is a powerful story of a young woman growing up between two cultures, with no control over her life choices, who must carve out her own path despite a significant culture clash. Lead actress Maria Mozhdah makes an impressive debut, imbuing Nisha with dueling personas. In an equally impressive role, Adil Hussain plays Nisha’s father, delicately balancing his fatherly love with the pressure of a strict society that wants to make an example of his daughter. – Jenn Murphy

  • Director, writer and actress Iram Haq was born in Oslo, Norway, where she studied at the Westerdals School of Communication. As a director/writer, she debuted with the short film LITTLE MISS EYEFLAP (2009). Her feature debut I AM YOURS (2013) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY (2017) is her second feature film.

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