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  • A Tribute to Errol Morris

    What made Dr. Frank Olson plunge out of a hotel window in 1953? Did he jump? Did he fall? Or is the truth darker and more complex than that? In WORMWOOD, master storyteller Errol Morris uses an array of filmmaking techniques to expose the dark history of the CIA’s mind control program Project MKUltra, and how it tore apart one American family. With a unique hybrid approach, the film uses dramatic recreations alongside documentary techniques. From intimate interviews with family members to gorgeously shot reenactments with a talented group of actors led by Peter Sarsgaard, the resulting work is among the pinnacles of long-form cinematic achievement this year.

  • Acclaimed filmmaker Errol Morris (the Charles Guggenheim Symposium honoree at AFI DOCS 2013) is one of today's leading documentarians. His credits include GATES OF HEAVEN (1978), THE THIN BLUE LINE (1988), A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (1991) and the Oscar®-winning THE FOG OF WAR, which played AFI FEST 2003. WORMWOOD is a six-part miniseries streaming on Netflix in December 2017.

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