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  • Premiering at the Venice International Film Festival, documentarian hajooj kuka’s attention-grabbing, narrative debut AKASHA is a delightfully offbeat comedy set in rebel-held Sudan, where fighting has stopped amid the rainy season. Eager to resume battle after the rain subsides, the army commander launches a “kasha” — an annual roundup and arrest of truant soldiers — surprising revolutionary hero Adnan in bed with his lover, Lina. Pitting man, woman and AK-47 against one another in a love triangle with comically catastrophic consequences, the following 24 hours will determine Adnan’s fate in life and love. A surprising follow-up to his award-winning documentary BEATS OF ANTONOV, kuka’s playfully subversive look at the Sudanese civil war defies narrative norms. – Malin Kan

  • hajooj kuka was born in Sudan and studied in both Lebanon and the United States. He directed the 2014 documentary feature BEATS OF THE ANTONOV. AKASHA is his narrative feature debut.

  • Khanyo Mjamba
    Big World Cinema
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