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  • Winner of the Locarno Film Festival’s first-feature competition, Eva Trobisch’s ALL GOOD is an arresting portrayal of a woman who refuses to see herself victimized by sexual assault. Janne (Aenne Schwarz, in a commanding performance) drinks and dances with abandon at her high school reunion. A new friend misinterprets her joy for flirtation and refuses Janne’s rebuffs. Determined not to let the attack affect her decisions, Janne finds herself working alongside her rapist, where her projected strength and resilience leave her burdened with his emotions even while neglecting her own. Intimately, claustrophobically photographed, this sensitive and intelligent approach illustrates a rape internalized, acknowledged though never reckoned with, where an assailant’s presumed authority over a woman’s body is endemic of an oppressive, patriarchal society. – Malin Kan

  • Eva Trobisch was born in Berlin in 1983. She studied film direction at HFF München before attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In 2015, she enrolled in a master’s program in screenwriting at the London Film School. ALL GOOD is her graduation film.

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