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    In this unpredictable sci-fi thriller, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, a mother, Malorie (Sandra Bullock), and two children navigate a hostile, even demonic landscape after an apocalyptic event. As Malorie confronts her ambivalence toward motherhood while learning the rules of her new uncertain existence, she and a small group of survivors must grasp in the dark — figuratively and literally — in the hope that there is life outside of themselves.

  • Though Academy Award®-winning writer and director Susanne Bier’s films often play out against a wide-reaching global backdrop, their focus is intimate, carefully exploring the explosive emotions and complexities of familial bonds. Bier’s 2010 film IN A BETTER WORLD won the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011. Her films include THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE, AFTER THE WEDDING, OPEN HEARTS and the miniseries THE NIGHT MANAGER.

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