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  • Bulbul is an independent girl living a typical teenage life in the Assam region of India. She practices her singing, and begins a sweet romance with a boy who wrote her a love poem. She spends most of her time with her two best friends — Bonny, who also has a beau, and Sumu, a boy who is mercilessly teased by other students for his feminine mannerisms, but who Bulbul and Bonny love fiercely. When a cruel shaming by a group of local men balloons into a tragedy, Bulbul learns the price of exploring her awakening desires in a culture that shuns young sexuality. Rima Das' lyrical and moving third feature captures the beauty of the director’s rural home — suffused with light and the sounds of nature — while telling a story of adolescent love and unfathomable grief, all traced across Bulbul's quietly expressive face. – Beth Hanna

  • Rima Das was born in Assam, India. She directed the short film PRATHA and the features MAN WITH THE BINOCULARS and VILLAGE ROCKSTARS, which is India's official entry for the 2019 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award®.

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