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  • CAM plunges the audience into the world of online camgirls — young women who make a living and control their own boundaries while securing their agency and identity via webcam. Lola (Madeline Brewer of THE HANDMAID'S TALE) has her own strict set of rules: "I don't do public shows, I don't tell my guys I love them and I don't fake my orgasms." The finely detailed world of camgirls is rendered precisely, with bizarre power dynamics and constantly subverted expectations. However, this unique story takes a turn when Lola's domain is taken away from her, in a quite unexplainable way. Challenging the audience's expectations, CAM reveals itself to be a smarter, stranger tale of online sex than as seen onscreen before. Written by former camgirl Isa Mazzei, the film's bonafides establish themselves in a concrete, albeit digital, real world. – Lane Kneedler 

  • Daniel Goldhaber is an Emmy®-winning director/writer from Boulder, Colorado. Goldhaber studied film at Harvard's VES program where he directed short films, music videos and commercial projects.

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