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  • It's Poland in the late 1950s and a team of musicians and broadcasters are touring the countryside in search of authentic folk music to spread and inspire patriotism. Wiktor, the star pianist and leader of this effort, immediately falls for young Zula, an incredible singer who stands apart from the provincial peasants. When their working relationship blossoms into something more amorous, things become complicated. Their musical success opens many doors, some of which lead to the chance to escape the Iron Curtain. But with the risk so high, the lovers must reexamine what will truly make them happy in a world so fraught with danger. Featuring spectacular musical performances and spellbinding black-and-white cinematography, Oscar® winner Paweł Pawlikowski returns to the film stage with a grand musical opus. – Lane Kneedler 

  • Paweł Pawlikowski began his filmmaking career by making award-winning documentaries for the BBC. Transitioning to fiction, his films LAST RESORT and MY SUMMER OF LOVE won BAFTA Awards. His film IDA won the 2015 Foreign Language Academy Award®. He lives in Warsaw and teaches film direction and writing at the Wajda School.

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