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  • Entrenched in Turkish cinema traditions though entirely its own, Tarik Aktaş’ feature debut DEAD HORSE NEBULA is either a real or imagined childhood memory of adults attempting to remove the body of a dead horse from an open field. What follows is a string of encounters between humans and the natural world — to eat, to labor and to progress — tasks often mediated by large quantities of rope, where the drawn-out, human effort is continually, at times comically, coupled with the threat of bodily endangerment. Winner of the Locarno Film Festival prize for Best Emerging Director, this existential fever dream is a transformative experience, a distillation of the extraordinary suspense of day-to-day existence. – Malin Kan 

  • Born in Germany, Tarık Aktaş lives and works in Istanbul. He has made several short films including BROTHEL OF SUBCONSCIOUS and VIDEO OF CIRCUMCISION. His latest experimental video, BASIRET, is a part of his upcoming multimedia exhibition, “Supersensible.” DEAD HORSE NEBULA is his first feature film.

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